VANDERBURGH CO., Ind. (WEHT) — Nationwide bus driver shortages have been affecting every part of the country — and now the weight of the situation is weeding its way into the Tri-State.

Starting next school year, EVSC says elementary school students will be starting their days later to combat these shortages. The school corporation sent a message out to parents Monday notifying of the change.

“Another way we plan to address this issue is by making a slight adjustment to the elementary school day, starting next school year. The new elementary school start time will be 8:30 with dismissal being at 3:25,” the message read. “We understand some parents have work schedules that will not allow them to drop off closer to the new start time, so please know accommodations will be made in these situations.”

According to the school corporation, they currently have 50 fewer EVSC bus drivers from pre-pandemic levels. As a response to this shortage, EVSC officials say they have made multiple routing adjustments, increased driver compensation and ordered new buses that include both regular and wheelchair seating that will allow us to combine certain routes.

“For parents who drive their child or children to school in the morning, elementary schools are developing plans for supervision for these students,” the message continues. “You will be receiving specific information by this Thursday from your child’s school about their new morning drop off process.”

The school day for middle schools, K-8 schools and high schools is not changing, EVSC officials tell us.