EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- As artificial intelligence is becoming more popular, schools are starting a dialogue about how, if at all, to integrate AI into learning.

Concerns of plagiarism plague some, while others see it as an opportunity to unlock a new level to education. Artificial intelligence or “AI” is taking the world by storm, and the EVSC is taking steps to make sure they’re using it to their advantage. EVSC Superintendent David Smith says, “We want to be progressive and forward thinking with our use of AI”.

Officials are even drawing parallels between AI and the birth of the internet. Academic concerns regarding the use of AI in plagiarism have been brought up, but officials say the pros outweigh the cons. Smith says, “Even when the internet was first ‘born’, if you will, plagiarism was a concern. There then became programs you could put the students work into the program and it would tell you if it had been plagiarized. And I do believe programs like that now exist for AI”.

He goes on to say, “I understand that in the news recently, there was an individual that was scammed, because AI generated the voice of his son and he actually believed that that was his son talking. When you think about the positive aspects of that, you could actually have AI do a presentation from Abraham Lincoln, and then gain insights into what he was thinking during the Civil War. As with anything, [there are] plusses and minuses”.

The EVSC school board decided it is going to allow for schools to use AI and do not plan on blocking any specific sites from students. Smith explains, “it’s not our job to block students from using technology, it’s our job to teach them to use it appropriately”.

Officials tell us they believe it’s important to have policies in place regarding AI, as it becomes more prevalent in today’s society.