Experts warn of longer delivery times and scams as holidays approach


(WEHT)- Sure, Halloween was just days ago but Black Friday and holiday shopping are right around the corner.

With supply chain issues causing issues globally, some experts say people can expect higher prices on anything from Ikea furniture to Oreos this holiday season. Indiana University associate professor Kyle Anderson says the supply chain, coupled with labor shortages will continue to cause headaches online and in stores.

Anderson says retailers and shoppers are already seeing shipping delays lasting four, six, or even eight weeks. Anderson says people may need to start ordering gifts now to have them in time for Christmas. Still, Anderson says there is room for optimism, as he expects some of the supply chain issues to work themselves out sometime in early 2022.

Still, with delivery times lasting longer than usual, the Better Business Bureau is warning people about the dangers of online scams. Oana Schneider says the holiday shopping season offers scammers plenty of opportunities to get money and is urging shoppers to buy wisely.

Schneider notes that anyone can become a victim of online scams, regardless of age. She notes that millennials and younger shoppers should be especially susceptible, both from lack of experience dealing with scammers and from the general notion that younger people are more tech-savvy than their older peers.

With all the scams out there, Schneider says people can go to the Better Business Bureau to help them decide if a seller is legitimate or not.

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