NEWBURGH, Ind. (WEHT) — Within these first few weeks of summer, record setting temperatures have already moved their way through the Tri-State. Evansville saw temperatures hit 100° F today — a number the city hasn’t seen in an entire decade. All the while, Evansville wasn’t the only local area that was affected.

Food Trucks at Friedman shared through social media that they’re cancelling their upcoming event on July 7 because of the excessive heat that is afflicting the Tri-State. Although they won’t be holding their food truck event this week, they said they have plans to be back next week with some live entertainment.

“We hope to be back 7/14 with Moonstone Riders,” they said on their Facebook page. “Stay safe this week!”

The Warrick Parks Department and the Evansville Food Truck Association have been bringing Tri-Staters the weekly seasonal event since late April. Officials say they normally have ten food trucks and live music set up every Thursday. For more information on Food Trucks at Friedman, click here.