Eyewitness News’ Shelley Kirk speaks with halfpot ticket captain

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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- Eyewitness News’ Shelley Kirk spoke with Brandon McClish, one of the West Side Nut Club ticket captains.


Shelley Kirk: Well the hottest ticket in town, the Westside Nut Club half pot, is selling like hotcakes, despite the cancellation of the Fall Festival. And joining us now to talk live about this is Brandon McClish, you are the ticket captain for the Westside nightclub for the booths there, Brandon. I hear that it has really picked up today. I hear you guys are just stopping traffic along the way. How busy has been today?

Brandon McClish: Well, we’re actually selling like funnel cakes out here. The first 90 minutes we have actually sold well over $150,000. I’m standing in front of the booth here next to Smitty’s on West Franklin, the line is starting to slow down with walkups. But our lot over near Mead Johnson parking lot and St. Joe are still filling in and moving rapidly. So we’re still out here, the weather’s beautiful. And people keep still coming.

Shelley Kirk: Yeah, I see them walking up right behind you. They just keep going. Now, where is the total? I can kind of see the booth a little bit over your shoulder there. What’s our total right now? Where are we at right now?

Brandon McClish: It looks like this lady in the red purchasing. We’re at $652,500. We started the day at about 540,000. And we’ve said in about 90 minutes. It just keeps going the live shot that we have over at the Mead Johnson lot. I bet probably 75 to 100 cars constantly running through there right now.

Shelley Kirk: That is a lot going on. How does this compare to last year at this time in the week are we comparable to where we were then, are we set to get higher or lower? How are we coming in?

Brandon McClish: Well, it’s kind of hard to tell just because of the duration of how we sold last year. But as I was just telling everyone, anything that we do this year is going to be a positive. We’d not been able to bring hundreds, tens of thousands of people into the street this year. I believe we’re right on pace. We didn’t have a goal this year, anything that we can raise of that, right now 653,000, half of its going back into this community, and the other half go to a lucky individual. So right now we feel confident, hopefully, and I just heard your weather report, the Saturday report sounded a lot more promising now than what it did earlier today. So hopefully we can get more people out here as we sell today, tonight, tomorrow, and then Saturday morning.

Shelley Kirk: Absolutely. Now as you’re selling these tickets, Brandon, are you talking to folks? Are they telling you like what, how they want to what they want to do, with the love out there on the west side, when you’re selling these tickets, are folks telling you you know what they want to do with these winnings when they win this big pot?

Brandon McClish: Well, actually, no one’s really talking about the winnings. I did hear someone say that you won’t see me at work on Monday. But what I’ve heard more of is people are excited that we’re still doing this. Yeah, they’re excited that they’re off. They’re obviously buying a chance for hopefully half a million dollars. But they’re also buying a chance that an opportunity to help out different organizations, the 136 food booths we didn’t be able to put on the street, from the YMCA Boys and Girls Club, USI, the high schools, everything like that. That’s what everyone’s excited about. That’s what this has been such a huge success.

Shelley Kirk: Absolutely. Well, Brandon, we certainly thank you for talking with us. And thanks to the nut club for putting this on and helping out all the community or all the nonprofits in the community, despite a pandemic. So thanks so much.

Brandon McClish: Absolutely. All right. Thank you so much.

Shelley Kirk: You bet, Brandon McClish with the Westside Nut Club. He’s the ticket captain at one of the booths out there. And of course, that drawing will be this Saturday. Already up to 650,000 and getting higher

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