Fall Festival Politics: Deep Fried Donkey and Elephant

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Priorities at the Fall Festival often lie with the next course of calories – not about who runs the country for the next four years. But there is a political debate spanning Franklin Street this week.

Folks are fired up at the Fall Festival, as Republicans and Democrats make their case for the future of country; in the middle of a deep fried American paradise.

Positioned on either side, in the parade of food booths, men and women put their elephants and donkeys up for sale. Only these don’t come fried.

“Donald Trump is not going to make America great again, as far as I know, we are great,” says Kenny Overton, blowing balloons for the Vanderburgh County Young Democrats booth.

Just a stones throw away is the Vanderburgh County GOP booth, where Dale McCuiston is making his case. “Hillary Clinton is a career politician,” he says. “She’s not standing on any record.”

Both booths sell their fair share of sweet treats and sandwiches piled with meat. Naturally, they couldn’t be farther from each other on political views.

“The minimum wage should be raised,” says Maven Page, who aligns with Bernie Sanders on the Democratic scale. “You can’t live on $7.25.”

Contrary to government spending, McCuiston wants to see a tighter pocketbook in Washington. “Our country is in trouble and we need good solid fiscal conservative people.”

Tuesday’s Vice Presidential debate between Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) and Virginia Senator Tim Kaine (D) re-ignites a fire at the Fall Festival for political heavyweights.

It’s the first and only debate between the two men, one of whom will be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Trump and Clinton will debate again October 9.

But that’s not slowing down opinions on the VP race.

“People feel like they’re still struggling,” says Indiana’s 8th District Congressman Larry Bucshon (R-IN) “People are struggling to get ahead and that’s not what we need.”

Overton fires back at Trump who touts Clinton’s experience in politics. “We’re talking about a guy who’s running on the Republican ticket who has never held a political office in his entire life.”

Republican and Democrats will battle to the bitter end – but there’s always a third view, Page shares.

“I think we’re screwed either way.”

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