EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- With over 100 local organizations raising money for their local missions, it’s no secret that the Fall Festival has a special place in the hearts of many people across the Tri-State.

But for Jayden Ketcham and Nate Allen, Fall Festival means a whole lot more now. Seven years after their first date at the Fall Festival took them on the Ferris wheel, Allen brought their relationship full circle by proposing to Ketcham Tuesday night on the same Ferris wheel. West Side Nut Club officials say there have been other proposals at the Fall Festival, but this is the first that they know of on the Ferris wheel.

Ketcham says she had no idea that it would happen up until the moment Allen asked her. Allen says the Ferris wheel was always part of his plan, adding he asked friends to buy the tickets beforehand so he didn’t tip his hand too early.

Allen says he had planned to propose last year, but with the Festival canceled, he opted to wait. Ketcham says she would’ve been upset had she known about the plan, but says “everything works out the way it’s supposed to.” Allen says he wanted to make their moment special and figured “it’s worth the wait.”

While they aren’t planning on getting married at the Fall Festival, Allen and Ketcham say the Festival will always be special for them and they can’t wait to share the moment with future generations.