OHIO COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT) Ohio County Sheriff’s Deputies are still looking for two women reported missing earlier this year.

Sheila Henderson and Magan Baize Howard were both reported missing by family a few months ago.

“It’s been rough,” said Rebecca Phelps, Sheila’s mother.

“It’s been tough,” said Jesse Baize, Magan’s brother that’s how they describe the past several months since their loved one’s disappearance.

“I want to find out where she’s at before things start getting bad on me,” Phelps said.

Ohio County Sheriff’s Deputies say Howard was last seen in the Olaton area after an argument with her boyfriend. They also say the boyfriend told deputies they went their separate ways, but he didn’t see her again. Sergeant Chris Matthews says Howard may have been seen by workers at barren river state resort park in recent weeks sleeping under a picnic shelter. Jesse baize says he last heard from Magan in early July.

“She messaged me almost every day, if not, it was every other day, then it was almost three months it was nothing. Then I texted and reached out to my other sisters and I said ‘Have you seen Magan?’ and they said ‘No,’” Baize recalled.

Detective Jennifer Bernard says Sheila Henderson was last seen this past July and also may have been seen on the Muhlenberg county side of the Rockport bridge. She also says Henderson keeps in touch with family and others, but no one’s been able to reach her since she lost cell service.

“None of her friends or contacts have heard or seen her. Normal people that she runs with haven’t seen or heard from her, probably the first part of July,” she said.

Henderson’s mother Rebecca Phelps thought something was wrong when she stopped picking up her mail at her home.

“She went for a couple of months. I was getting her mail here. She figured it was the safest place to get it. Then she quit coming by to get it, then I quit hearing from her,” said Phelps.

Baize and Phelps both say they pray their loved ones are found, but fear for the worst.

“I Hope they do find her. Will they find her? I don’t know,” says Baize.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the two missing women can call Ohio County Sheriff’s Office.

(This story was originally published on October 6, 2022)