A nearly year long search continues for a missing Spencer County man. 

His family is fighting to find answers and making sure his name isn’t forgotten.

Donnie Westfall was last seen in June of last year in Warrick County.

Monday one of two billboards went up with his information and they’re hoping it leads to the tip they’ve been waiting for. 

“Missing him is huge. not knowing what happened to him is even harder,” said family member Cassi Meyer. “If it was your loved one you would not want to have to go through what we go through.”

The family struggles as they fight and search. 

“It’s hard. Everyday is of course sad. I get angry I get mad I get upset. We just want him home,” she said. 

Tips come in, but never the right one. In their relentless effort they’re turning to billboards. One in Spencer County, Westfall’s home, and the other in Warrick County where he was last seen. 

“Our hope is that one tip comes in after the billboard reaches that particular person. It’s not fair to our family who continues to search every day knowing they are amongst us withholding info we need to bring Donnie home,” said Meyer. “We’re not going anywhere. We won’t stop til he’s found. I’ll spend everyday the rest of my life posting statuses, flyers. Our goal is to bring him home and that’s what we’re fighting to do.”

For the person or persons holding that one missing tip, the family has one thing to say, “I know there’s agony and pain and I know you’re hiding it well. Do the right thing and allow us to bring Donnie home.”

Because of his disappearance, Westfall has missed out on huge events in his children’s lives. 
His family tells Eyewitness News that his son graduated this past Saturday. During a celebratory time, it was hard to be happy without his dad by his side. 

If you have any information you’re asked to call ISP Jasper at (812) 482-1441. 

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(This story was originally published on May 20, 2019)