OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) A Colorado man is in a Texas jail on charges connected to her disappearance of Alina Bartolon, 14, of Owensboro.

She was found unharmed yesterday in Childress County, Texas.

Emery Wayne Trombley of Colorado Springs faces charges as he waits for his next court appearance in Texas.

“I was happy, because my mind was covering a lot of things,” said Huberlindo Bartolon, Alina’s father. He, and the rest of her family, were thankful after she was found in Texas around 5:30 PM Wednesday. It ended a month of waiting, and worrying that something happened to her.

“It was a bad dream for us,” he said. “I go to church and I believe in God, and through him, we had to be strong.”

Sergeant Dan Buesing of the Texas Department of Public Safety says she was found by a Texas state trooper on Highway 287 near the town of Childress during a traffic stop. Trombley was in the same vehicle.

“Trooper just said he noticed some signs of unusual behavior, and started asking a few more questions in his interview process, and they answered a few more questions and verifying that this was going to match with a missing person,” he said.

It ends nearly a month of searches in and outside Owensboro, with volunteers going to door to door and with private investigators with A+ Investigations and Owensboro Police among those looking for her.

“We’ve gotten numerous tips and things detectives had to track down. Of course, a lot of those either not being able to determine if it’s good information or not, and some of them end up being dead ends,” said Ofc. Andrew Boggess of Owensboro Police Dept.

Bartolon says the family’s thankful for all the help in finding Alina.

“They helped her a lot. There were more people looking for her. I was happy that people started helping us.”

As for Trombley, he faces charges in both Kentucky and Texas. Sgt. Buseing says they’ll need to talk with Childress County prosecutors on their next steps.

(This story was originally published on January 20, 2022)