WARRICK CO., Ind. (WEHT) — Over a week has passed since the search for Michael White came to an end near Lynnville. As the manhunt came to a dramatic conclusion, White passed away.

With some time passing, the family members of White held a get-together in Chandler over the weekend to share their memories of him. They say he loved animals and working on engines.

“I love him and that I miss him. And I wish he was here instead of not here,” said David Ballow, White’s nephew. “I’d give everything back to him that I bought from him just to have him for another 10 minutes. That’s how much I loved him.”

According to White’s family, he was on home incarceration and wearing an ankle monitor before he took it off, which led authorities to begin searching for him. Last week, White was spotted near Lynnville. Authorities exchanged gunfire. The coroner say White was hit by bullets, but ended up taking his own life.