ROCKPORT, Ind. (WEHT)- More than three years after Donnie Westfall Jr. disappeared, his family wants the Tri-State to know one thing: they haven’t stopped looking for him.

His cousin, Cassi Meyer, says she wants him to know that the family loves him and misses him dearly. Meyer adds that she hasn’t stopped fighting and won’t stop fighting until they find him or until she’s “called home” beside Westfall Jr.

Saturday’s gathering outside the Spencer County Courthouse also featured calls for justice, almost 18 months after Zane Lee was killed in a Rockport apartment in 2020. Court documents indicate a plea deal was agreed to in June but some in the crowd outside the courthouse said they wanted a maximum sentence for Joseph Petry, the man accused of killing Lee.

Still, the past couple of years have been extremely difficult for Kimberly Pounds, who is related to both Lee and Westfall Jr. Pounds says their heart is gone. She says she expects Zane to wave to her whenever she sees a white truck, adding she wants to find Westfall. But until then, Pounds says the pain will continue to get worse.