Fan Wants Refund for Icemen Gift Cards

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An Evansville resident is not happy with the Icemen after she says the team won’t refund her gift cards purchased for Christmas gifts. Icemen officials say they’re giving her other options.

Becky Whitaker loves watching hockey.

She says ever since she attended her first Icemen game years ago, it’s one of her favorite things to do.
But knowing the team is possibly leaving, she feels like fan without a team. 

Like a lot of people in Evansville, Becky Whitaker is invested in the Icemen. She says she spent hundreds on team swag. But the team’s decision to pack up and head to Owensboro next season has left Whitaker heartbroken.

“Well my jaw dropped actually,” she said. “I don’t know we love them. It surprised me this year that they wouldn’t be here indefinite.”

Whitaker says she bought two $100 gift cards for her son and daughter-in-law for Christmas. Now she says she wants her money back. 

“I would like to get a refund for the gift cards because they’re no longer the Icemen,” she said. “I understand they have games left as the Evansville Icemen, but after that they would no longer be the Evansville Icemen.”

Evansville Icemen COO Jim Riggs says the family can use their gift cards at the teams gift shop or it can be applied to a jersey auction. But he says there will not be a refund.

“Why buy something that you can’t no longer use?” she said.

Whitaker says she won’t follow the Icemen to Owensboro. She says she feels like her family is now been left empty handed.

“I feel like I gave my kids a piece of paper for Christmas that means nothing,” Whitaker said.

There are sixteen home games left at Ford Center. Whitaker says she’ll be in a seat cheering, but thinks it won’t be the same when they cross the bridge.

The next auction night is in February. 

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