EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Despite temperatures in the upper 90s, Feed Evansville held its food drive.
And workers sweated it out to make sure people in need got the donations to help them feed their families.

Hundreds of people stood in the blazing heat, all waiting to take home food and supplies to not go hungry tonight.

“Our goal is to help service the food gap and help the individuals that just need a little extra groceries in their kitchen this week,” said Lisa Vaughan, Feed Evansville spokesperson.

“Feed Evansville” partners with food pantries and soup kitchens to give back to those in need.
The group set up an assembly line style food drive that was welcome to anyone.

And with temperatures in the upper nineties, it wasn’t the most comfortable experience for the volunteers and for the people in line. They all put the heat aside for what really matters most.

“It’s hot so it’s hard to get everybody through the line quickly because it’s so hot and we have some heavy boxes to carry so that’s a lot of work for the volunteers. but it’s more important for us to do it on days like this so people have food to go home to,” said Vaughan.

“It’s what God wanted us to do. God says help other people and he’ll do right by you,” said John Holland of Feed Evansville. “A lot of people in this city need help. With gas prices, it’s like they’re choosing food or gas.”

With inflation on the rise, something that should be as simple as making a meal has become harder for many.

But those who came out to give back said they are just looking after one another.

“We’re not giving people a handout, we’re giving them a hand. And I think one day in the community I’m going to need a hand and I hope my community members step up and put their hand out for me so that’s what’s it about,” said Vaughan.

Everyone received non-perishable food items, hygeine kits and cleaning supplies.
Feed Evansville is accepting donations for future food drives.

If you would like more information you can go to their website.