Final Evansville flag designs announced


EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) The Evansville Flag Project committee has selected the final flag designs for the community to vote on. The city says the color palette in each option includes gold and dark blue to honor the seal of the city and state of Indiana.

Evansville flag designs
Evansville residents van vote on which of these four flag designs they feel best represents Evansville, IN.

Dalton Bosze, from the selection and leadership committee for the Evansville Flag Project, describes the patterns which will make up Evansville’s new city flag. The common themes, shapes, and colors were chosen by the project’s selection committee who worked along side the design committee.

“The themes of the the four freedoms, indigenous heritage, five pointed or eight pointed stars, and the crescent were dominant in the community’s input and are in each finalist design,” Bosze said the crescent shape references the Ohio River and honors the indigenous people who were the first to live in the River City. The five, or eight, pointed stars symbolize historical events ranging from the founding of Evansville in 1812 to the community supporting the war effort during World War II. The creation of the flag designs were a collective effort.

“No one designer created this flag. Piggy backing off of what Dalton said about this being Evansville’s flag. It really will. With all the flags people submitted, their different elements are in that,” explained Jordan Baer, founder of the Evansville Flag Project. This is something Baer has been working on for over 6 years. “Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the amount of support this project has gotten. The city of Evansville has really rallied around this project.”

More than 200 people around the world researched Evansville and submitted their own design.

“I was getting calls from Australia. I thought it was a wrong number and it was a guy calling in the middle of the night to make sure we got his flag submissions,” Baer said.

Everyone has until June 30 to rank the four flag finalists. Evansville’s new flag will be unveiled at the LST on July 3rd. August the 12 is the City of Evansville’s Flag Day since the date will be 812 or Evansville’s area code.

Voters will choose a rating from zero to ten for four new designs, with zero being the worst score and ten being the best. Votes can be placed on the Evansville Flag Project’s website, on Facebook or in-person at the Evansville Museum or any Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library location. You can only vote one time.

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