EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- As residents and businesses get ready for the implosion of the 420 Main Building, they’re taking time to share their memories of the building and their thoughts on the future of downtown Evansville.

“I’ve known that building forever, had a good time up with the Petroleum Club on the top floor for years and years,” says downtown resident Jack Laroy. “And it’s just fallen into disrespect, and so it’s good to see it finally leaving.”

Mary Ellen, who is also a downtown resident and business owner, tells Eyewitness News she trusts the precautions that have been suggested and put in place by demolition officials.

“We’re about a block and a half down, so we’re allowed to stay inside, but they really encouraged us to stay inside, and I think personally our building they are going to tarp the top to help protect the HVAC units and try to help with the dust management as much as possible,” says Allen.

Non-residents are also preparing, including Signature School students who have been told “Safety first” when getting their last glimpses of the building.

“Our principal Gene Hitchcock has been really enforcing the safety around, saying don’t go in between the fence, don’t go in the road,” says student Ava Olomajeye. Her classmate, Sydney Pope, is excited to witness the historic event. “My family and I, we definitely plan to be down here on Sunday, especially to see it. It’s just a really cool experience I think,” says Pope.

“The implosion kind of feels like this sort of historic moment for Evansville,” adds downtown Evansville employee Jonathan Boettcher. “Our skyline is kind of changing, downtown is changing in a pretty significant way.”

Once the implosion is completed, the anticipation will begin to build for the future plans for the 420 Main location. “That’s taking up an entire block of something’s that not had any life or energy in it in a really long time,” says Allen. “So I’m really excited for some new, fresh things to be coming in, bringing more people, bringing more business, as a business owner and a resident.”

“Looking forward to the changes being made. You know, downtown is seeing some improvement and growth, so yeah, I’m excited for the opportunities to see what they develop here.”