After a fish kill at Mesker Park Zoo earlier this week, another fish kill has been reported in Indiana.

Fish were scattered all across the water at Hawthorne Park in Terre Haute on Wednesday.

Most of them were right behind the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology on the city’s east side.

The Vigo County Parks Department says this isn’t anything abnormal.

It’s part of a yearly cycle where fish don’t have enough oxygen due to lack of rain and the hot temperatures.

Adam Grossman with the Vigo County Parks Dept. says, “With the warm weather that we have had I’m sure everybody has noticed the 90 degrees and sunny everyday and not a lot of rain. Combined together, it’s not really helping us out too well with our fish population.”

The lack of oxygen in the water is suspected at Mesker Park Zoo’s Lake Victoria where hundreds of fish died earlier this week.