Five Northeastern States Holding Primary Contests

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A week before Indiana’s May 3 primary, voters in the Northeast are heading to the polls.

Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Delaware are all holding contests in what’s being called the “Acela Primary.”

The name comes from Amtrak’s famous Acela train which crosses all those states.

There are 172 total delegates at stake for the Republicans in Tuesday’s contests.

For Democrats, 384 delegates are at stake.

After Tuesday, 64% of all Democratic delegates and 79% of all Republican delegates will have been allocated.

Frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are favored in the polls, and will be looking to solidify their leads with strong performances.

Four of the five Acela Primary’s races are closed primaries – meaning only voters registered with each party can vote.

This could be a challenge for Clinton’s Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders.

Sanders typically performs better in states with open primaries due to his support among independent voters.

Even though Ted Cruz is second behind Donald Trump in the Republican delegate count, third place Republican candidate John Kasich’s campaign is indicating they expect Kasich to perform well in these races.

Kasich and Cruz have indicated that their campaigns plan to strategically work together in order to stop Trump from securing the nomination.

Eyewitness News will follow Tuesday night’s races and bring you results as they come in.

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