(WEHT)- A former Deaconess Clinic doctor is facing allegations from at least six women over reportedly looking through medical records after meeting them at bars on West Franklin St. in Evansville.

In letters sent to the women earlier this year, Deaconess told the women the unidentified doctor saw personal information, ranging from their address to their Social Security numbers, to their medical histories.

Taylor Ivy, a lawyer with the Indianapolis-based Ladendorf Law group called the situation “a big deal,” considering the doctor reviewed this information “without business need,” according to the letter. Ivy says it appears the doctor met the women at the bars, offering to buy them drinks, and then reviewing their medical records.

One patient was told the doctor looked through their record eight times over an 18-month span from June 2020 through December 2021, going under the radar until an audit in January. Ivy says they wont be able to make the doctor “forget what he saw,” but says they’ll try to “make the best out of an impossible situation.”

Ivy says his clients “feel violated” over the situation and it hits close to home for Ivy, who went to Gibson Southern High School before graduating from the University of Southern Indiana. Ivy says it’s not a good feeling knowing that his own family members could have seen the doctor in the past. According to Ivy, that’s why he wants to hold the doctor accountable for their actions.

Deaconess officials confirmed the doctor is no longer employed by the clinic, but did not comment further on the matter.