Former Eyewitness News reporter Grace Hayba discusses Louisville after Breonna Taylor decision


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WEHT) — Grace Hayba, a former Eyewitness News reporter who is now at WDRB News in Louisville, joined Brandon Bartlett Wednesday following the Breonna Taylor announcement by the grand jury.


BRANDON: Grace, you’ve been out some tonight. First off, tell us what you know about what’s happening there now?

GRACE: Yeah Brandon it is definitely a scary and unnerving time right now to say the least. Everyone is just on edge, not knowing what’s going to happen from one second to the next. Earlier today I was downtown in the main part of Louisville where the protests for 119 days now have been centered, that’s called Jefferson Square Park and it kind of sits right in the heart of downtown. Police have that whole area blockaded off so vehicles can’t get to it but protesters still can via foot so there were a lot of people there all day and after that announcement that only one of the officers involved in the raid that killed Breonna Taylor on March 13 was going to be charged, many many more people showed up. Hundreds of people now have been protesting for hours and hours. Several of the buildings downtown are boarded up. In fact, it’s very hard to find one that was not boarded up and a lot of this comes after the past protests got very violent, many of these businesses took extra precaution this time. Right now, though the most a developing situation, so to speak, is that the LMPD has confirmed officers were shot. They have not yet said what their conditions are, where they were hit and how severe those injuries are. We’re hoping to learn more on that within the next hour or so from LMPD. But again, all of this just comes after over 100 days of protests and anticipation regarding a decision and it was very anticipated that the situation here would turn violent as it is, as it is tonight.

BRANDON: Yeah, Grace. What is it been like there for the past few days. Have you seen the police have been preparing for today?

GRACE: Yeah, absolutely. They actually set up barricades, those WHEN into place yesterday. So they did have kind of a 24 hour or more than that notice, so to speak, that that area was going to be blocked off. So people were aware that they were going to have to find a different way to travel around downtown. My commute to work specifically has been affected. I’ve had to go through police checkpoints to get into work now for two days on so far, and that is very likely to continue for the foreseeable future. It doesn’t seem like these protests are ceasing; the curfew here went into effect an hour ago, but there are still hundreds of people out and about so we’re going to keep an eye on that. And it’s it’s definitely going to be a situation that’s just probably going to get worse Brandon.

BRANDON: It absolutely could go on for a few days. Grace Hayba, a reporter with WDRB in Louisville, as always great to see you. Thank you so much for joining us tonight and stay safe.

GRACE: Thank you.

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