Former FBI Profiler Brad Garrett Discusses EgyptAir Flight

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Authorities are starting an investigation into EgyptAir Flight 804 which went missing on Wednesday night on a flight from Paris to Cairo.

ABC News consultant and former FBI profiler Brad Garrett joined Eyewitness News’ Tina Stein to discuss the investigation.

Here’s part of the transcript of that interview:

Tina Stein: There is speculation this is a terrorist attack. How will investigators determine that?

Brad Garrett: There are a number of ways to determine if this was a bomb.
Two locations: one from the debris from the plane. How did it come apart? There will be a pattern if there was an explosion from the plane found in the water. There will be explosive residue found on those components, and combined it with how it potentially got aboard the plane, the logical place is going to be the cargo hold of the plane. Who had access? What are their backgrounds? Between the two of them they’re going to be able to figure out where the bomb came from and who planted it.

Tina: Is it possible this came from the ground?

Brad: It’s not likely because it was so high up. Surface-to-air missiles, shoulder-launched missiles, too high up…
The only thing that could’ve taken down a plane at that height was a radar-driven bomb or something shot off a jet, with laser guidance towards the plane.
There’s no footprint of that, it leaves quite a footprint. I’ve heard none of that.
The working theory is that a bomb took the plane down, or it had some kind of catastrophic failure, although experts dont’ think that’s likely.

Tina: How complicated is it to see if the pilot was in on it?

Brad: It should be fairly easy. There is no indication the pilot had anything to do with it.

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