EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) – Roca Bar North closed down permanently in October of 2021. Now many former employees say they were ready to file their 2021 taxes, but were missing a key item – their W2.

Brock Murray served at Roca Bar North for two years, and he says when he and other former coworkers have reached out to the owners, Derek Ungethiem and Steve Hammer, about their W2s, they have gotten the runaround.

“The W2s never came out, and so I along with quite a few other people kinda hooked up and tried to get into contact with the owners,” explains Murray. “We were able to get into contact with Derek just fine. We were never able to reach Steve.”

Murray says the explanation he head from Ungethiem was that each owner had to sign off on paperwork, but that Hammer wasn’t interested.

“For all I know, what Derek told me could be wrong. But he’s at least told me something, and Steve won’t say anything.”

Another former Roca Bar employee told us that she was able to file a substitute form issued by the IRS. But Murray says since he is a tipped out sever, his last pay stub isn’t the same as a W2.

“I was not able to acquire the necessary forms in order to complete it,” said Murray. “So what I was told was ask for an extension from the IRS.”

Ungethiem told Eyewitness News that his attorney advised him to pay for the CPA debt for the W2s out of his own pocket. He says he has not been in contact with Hammer, who is a field representative for Indiana Senator Mike Braun.

Murray says he just wants an explanation from Hammer.

“The fact that they’re not distributed by the 31st was just rude. But the idea that he could just not acknowledge my attempt or give an explanation whatsoever…it’s incredibly disrespectful.”

“And I’m still going to keep reaching out. I’m still going to do everything I can. I mean I’ll find time to do it.”

We reached out to Steve Hammer who indicated he was not interested in speaking with us or giving us any information, only saying that it is not his fault, but the other owner’s fault.