Friends and family of Corban Henry mark somber anniversary


OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT)- They say time heals all wounds, but for the family of Corban Henry- the pain is still as fresh as it was a year ago.

Henry was shot and killed on the 1500 block of West 5th Street in the early hours of August 15, 2020. A year later, his friends and family say it still feels like it happened yesterday and the pain has only gotten worse.

His mother, Nancy Henry, says finding the motivation to keep going every day has been the hardest part. She says the easiest thing to do would be to “lay down and die” and says it hurts knowing other people, including those who came to his gravesite Sunday, are still hurting too.

Now, Henry says, they just have each other and they have to keep supporting each other as they continue to grieve their loss. She says that a lot of people are still in denial but notes they just have to accept it for the rest of their lives.

With t-shirts bearing his name, Henry and the rest of the people who knew and loved Corban say they’ll never forget him and will always keep his memory alive.

Another teenager, Jaikorian Johnson, has been charged in connection with his death.

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