From western Kentucky to the Worldwide Leader in Sports: ESPN anchor shares journey to Sportscenter


WHITE PLAINS, Ky. (WEHT)- Sportscenter anchor Michael Eaves says everyone comes from somewhere and they all have to be proud of where they’re from.

For Eaves, that means western Kentucky is never too far from his heart. Eaves grew up in White Plains, in southeastern Hopkins County. He admits he’s had some challenges in his life but he says he’s gotten past them, like so many other Kentuckians who’ve achieved their dreams.

Though he’s worked in Lexington, Memphis, and Los Angeles before moving to ESPN, Eaves hasn’t lost touch with his western Kentucky roots. Eaves says everyone who works at ESPN’s campus in Connecticut knows where he’s from and he’s proud to represent his state and region.

Christy Mulligan met Eaves in high school and says he always had a dream to work for ESPN, setting a goal to work there within ten years of graduating high school. While it may have taken a bit longer than a decade, Mulligan says she’s proud of her friend for setting, and achieving, that goal.

So what advice does Eaves have for anyone looking to follow in his footsteps? He says people need to find a passion in whatever they want to do. Eaves notes that if you have a passion, the work won’t feel like work, but rather another step in the journey.

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