Future Road Projects Planned for Evansville


Some roadways in downtown Evansville are in the early stages of a much-needed facelift.

Last night– Evansville City Engineer Brent Schmitt discussed a project that will improve four major areas of the city.

577 center-lane miles of road in the city of Evansville.

For the next several months, the city engineering department will focus on four of them.

Evansville City Engineer, Brent Schmitt, says, “The convergence of 1st Avenue with 3rd Street and 4th Street and John Street. Also on that contract is Ohio Street from Ray Becker to Fulton Avenue, Crosspoint from Virginia to the Lloyd as well as 1st Avenue from Columbia to Diamond.”

Crews will be taking the top inch and half off the roadways and resurfacing them with a new layer of asphalt.

Schmitt says his department will be using existing funds to pay for the project.

“We will use the funds appropriated and approved by City Council last year for the 2017 budget and we will fix as many roads as we can with that $1.8 million.”

“With the Indiana Senate looking at the Gas Tax Bill that aims to raise more than a billion dollars for state road projects, if it passes, Schmitt says he doesn’t expect to see any of that money for this project, but says, for future projects, he wouldn’t rule that money out.”

Schmitt says, “We welcome that opportunity to have funds to continue to do work here in the city and make Evansville a better place to live and work.”

And getting to work on drawing up the contracts and starting the bidding process is what’s next for the city.

“That process usually takes about four weeks,” says Schmitt. “So, I would say early May, early to mid May, you’ll probably start seeing construction going.”

A process that takes time, but in the long run, it’s worth it.

Schmitt says, “By is making these repairs, it makes travel smoother, it lessens the liability and risk of an accident occurring and it also allows us to have a longer lasting asset being the roadway.”

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