Getting a haircut in Indiana will be a very different experience

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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Not only are you able to dine at your favorite Indiana restaurant, but you can also pay a visit to a hair salon or barber.

Eyewitness News stopped by Solaris Aveda, who is adjusting to the new normal with additional safety measures.

Gretchen Ross: “Here in the Hoosier state one of the big announcements today is obviously restaurants being able to have folks dine in at a 50 percent capacity. But also salons, a lot of folks finally want to get their hair cut or colored. One salon on Evansville’s east side, Solaris Aveda is opening up with a lot of restrictions. And joining me now is Cole Marker. And he’s going to walk us through exactly what customers and clients will need to know before they even enter the building. So you’ve got some things set up here Cole. Why don’t you walk us through what the clients will have to do before they get their hair cut.”

Cole Marker: “So, before the client actually comes in you can see here they actually text us and alert us that they’re here. They have to have a mask, it’s required. If you do not we’re actually selling them. So it’s something we’re offering. They also have to fill out a release form. And then answer wellness checks and also get your temperature taken. So this happens every day for every client and every staff member, every day.”

Gretchen: “And then you check their temperature as well?”
Cole: “Correct.”
Gretchen: “Alright do you want to check mine to see if I pass here?”
Cole: “Perfect.”

Gretchen: “Also another point that Solaris Aveda is no hand bags like this correct? What’s the protocol there Cole?”

Cole: “We’re asking you bring in minimal things into the salon. So really just your method of payment is what we’re asking you to bring in. So no large items. Only you can come in. Don’t bring your friend, your kids. It really just needs to be just the person that we’re doing the service on.”

Gretchen: “So once a client has, you know, they have their mask, they’ve signed in, they’ve gotten their temperature taken they’ve signed the waiver and they’re good to go what happens next?”

Cole: “So we bring them in and we have them sanitize their hands and then we will send them, we’ll either escort them or send them to their service provider just depending on the flow in here, they’ll go straight to where they’re going.”

Clients will also be required a cape the entire appointment. Stylists will no longer greet their clients with a handshake or a hug. Refreshments will also not be served, And hand massage services are currently on hold.

Gretchen: “And what are these items right here?”
Cole: “These are for the staff. So like I said the staff goes through all the same checks. After you sanitize your hands you put on the gloves and we have shields as well that we provide.”

Gretchen: “Then you’re going to bring them back to a station. We’ve got some new things here at each individual station. Kind of explain what the client will see from there.”

Cole: “So this is where the client normally is, but these shields just protect them between each station. And we’re also not blow drying right now so that is stopping any air movement any particles moving. So we’re only doing shampoo services when we have to with hair color. We are asking the clients to come in with clean hair. And then they’ll also be leaving with wet hair.”

Gretchen: “So what is the method of payment you guys recommend?”

Cole: “So we are doing only credit cards right now. So we’re really wanting to do like if a client is receiving color we’re doing their transactions while their color is processing. Otherwise we are just doing it very very swiftly. I think we are doing everything we can to still make it a fabulous experience that we’re known for just like sanitation is now so so important so we want to be the best at that.”

Solaris Aveda is nearly 100 percent booked with clients for the next 12 weeks.

Managers advice to call your salon to review safety procedures.

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(This story was originally published on May 11, 2020)


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