OWENSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – A Knox County man who taught himself to repair old tombstones is renovating a cemetery near Owensville.

Shane Kocher has been working on Gudgel Cemetery where some of Gibson County’s earliest settlers are buried. He got started in that kind of work when he had family stones that needed to be repaired. He found out just how expensive that work is, and started looking into how it’s done.

Kocher says, “I try to encourage everybody if they have some stones like these that are in need, go out and do a little bit of studying. See what the supplies are that most of us fellas use. It is very easy work if you’re just planning on cleaning them. If you’re needing them leveled up, or repaired, reconstructed, reach out. There’s plenty of us here in the state of Indiana that take care of this type of work.”

Kocher says he still has a few tombstones to finish up.