HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — Many players are calling out Oakland City University after the women’s soccer coach resigned on Wednesday.

Todd Mosby, Oakland City University Associate Vice President for Development, provided a statement to Eyewitness News in regards to Coach Katie Harrison.

“The University is not at liberty to discuss employment policies between employer and employee. However, we can confirm that our Women’s Soccer Coach resigned today.

I will point you to the link below from the OCU website, which outlines our ‘Life in Community Statement.'”

The Life in Community Statement, which can be read here, outlines the university’s alleged responsibility for the community, of which includes a “Statement on Human Sexuality.”

The official Instagram page for OCU Women’s Soccer team released a statement after their coach resigned. Part of it reads:

“…our soccer coach is being forced to resign based on her sexuality. A woman who has caused no problems, been nothing but respectful towards the university, and put her heart, soul, and over a decade into building the soccer program we have today. We are shocked and angry with this new policy as our coaches sexuality has never been a factor regarding her job. This is blatant discrimination. A Christian community that believes

“thou shalt love they neighbor as thyself” has done a remarkable job of rejecting their Christian values.

However, you will not find this policy on the Oakland City University website nor in the handbook. They will simply wait until they discover your sexuality to determine if you will be employed or not.

With that being said, we are beyond thankful for Coach Katie Harrison for being such a huge part of our lives and such an amazing coach. We will miss her greatly, and the soccer program will not be the same without her. We are disappointed in the Oakland City Councilman who approved this policy and only hope they can learn to accept those who differ from themselves.

In the last paragraph of the Instagram post, it should be clarified that the decision was made by the Oakland City University President’s Council, not the Oakland City Council. These comments were posted by and attributed to the Oakland City University women’s soccer team.