HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – The Princeton Public Library has received a grant from the Gibson County Community Foundation for a new Read and Feed Program.

Library officials say they will be installing three little free libraries in Princeton at Lafayette Park, Southside Park and across the street from the library at Addiction Solutions. Officials say they will also be installing a blessing box across the street at Addiction Solutions.

The Princeton Public Library shared all locations are for everyone, and it received funding to have a slimline refrigerator in the lobby for produce grown in the Garden Towers. Officials note the refrigerator will also be able to house donated perishable items to keep them fresh.

A spokesperson for the library posted, “We are SO excited to offer more programs to help get free books into the hands of our community as well as help provide immediate food needs, 24/7 from the blessing box and fresh items anytime the library is open. Thank you, Gibson County Community Foundation for providing this opportunity for us and our community!”