PRINCETON, Ind. (WEHT) — The North Gibson School Corporation opened three time capsules dating back more than 100 years each at Princeton Community High School Sunday.

Two of them were placed inside the original Princeton High School — now home to the community middle school — in 1912.

Another capsule was discovered at the Franklin School and its cornerstone during its demolition. It was placed at the school in 1922.

“It was really neat,” said Jonita Greene, who attended schools in Princeton. “You walk by that school so many times while you were in there. Who would have dreamed there was two time capsules back there? So, it was pretty neat to watch them take the stuff out, telling us what all it was.”

A fall festival advertisement from 1912 and ribbons from the Gibson County fair are among the treasures found inside.

The school district received help from the Indiana State Library’s Books and Manuscripts Division to display all long-lost items found.

As a known history buff, Princeton Mayor Greg Wright also joined the state in its examination.

“You put it in perspective — the way that people dressed, their attitudes, the way they spoke. It just kind of makes it look like looking through a window back in time,” Mayor Wright said.

A group of PCHS students have stepped up, and they will be gathering items for a new time capsule for future residents to open.

Ticket stubs from the Oppenheimer and Barbie movies, a picture of the Princeton girls’ sectional-winning basketball team last season and a scrapbook from the upcoming graduating senior class are among the items that will be added.

“It’s such an honor,” said Addison Schafer, who is a part of the student group gathering mementos. “It’s such an honor to build this school and make it a better place, and that’s really a big goal for us this year.”

Mayor Wright says the city is considering different options on how to preserve the items immediately, but it will begin taking photographic records of them.