Indiana Governor Mike Pence made a stop in the River City Friday. A bus full of supporters made two stops in the Tri-State on their four-day campaign tour.

Pence supporters were waving signs and along with the Governor, they say they’re ready to start their engines. 

“He’s in it for the right reasons not for the political standpoint and honestly trying to do what’s best for Indiana and hopefully someday the United States,” Pence Supporter Reed Ursey said. 

The Governor is traveling across the state on a campaign tour. But not everyone was excited to see the governor of four years.

“I think it’s very sad when you have to bus in everyone that attends your rally,” Protestor Max Hedon said. “It’s less of a rally and more of a dog and pony show out here.”

Hedon and a handful of other protestors lined the sidewalk as Governor Pence spoke. They say they’re angry about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act he signed last year and his views on the LGBT community.

“I’m not voting for him because of it,” Hedon said.

“That will be for voters to decide,” Governor Mike Pence said. 

Friday morning, the White House issued a guidance today ordering all U.S. public schools to let transgender students use restrooms that align with their current gender identity.

“It’s absolutely sad that president of the United States takes time on such trivial matters,” Pence supporter Ursey said.

Governor Pence says the federal government has no business getting involved in issues of this nature.

“If someone identifies as a male, if that’s where they feel comfortable, if somebody identifies as a female use the female restroom,” Hedon said. “I don’t know why Republicans think using the restroom is this big pervasive experience.”

With November only six months away, some voters say this race will go down to the final lap.