GPS tracking could help relieve the current overcrowding problem at the Vanderburgh County Detention Center.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the Vanderburgh County Commission approves a plan by Sheriff Dave Wedding to release up to 75 low level offenders on GPS trackers.

The jail recently hit a record number of inmates at 680 people. The sheriff’s office is also looking at shipping some inmates to other county jails.

As for who would qualify for the GPS program, that’s up to the county judges and prosecutor who already have a list of more than 100 candidates.

“We’re not going to put anyone who’s violent, a chronic offender, or someone with a serious drug problem or alcohol problem out on the streets,” said Sheriff Wedding. “That wouldn’t be people who qualify for this particular program.”

The sheriff’s office is parntering with local company ABK Tracking. ABK will charge the sheriff $12 a day per inmate on a GPS bracelet.