MUHLENBERG CO., Ky. (WEHT) — After battling a 17 hour blaze in Muhlenberg County, the city of Greenville lost two historic buildings that had been rooted in the community for over a decade. Both structures had stories that will be carried on throughout the generations.

“Like so many people, we are heartbroken by today’s loss of two of our county’s historic buildings,” said Muhlenberg County Public Libraries on social media.

150 years ago, the Thomas C. Summers building at the northeast corner of Main and East Main Cross streets was constructed around 1872. According to local legend, Thomas C. Summers built it to impress a local widow, Mrs. McIntire, who he hoped to marry.

Story says she initially refused the proposal, so he continued adding to the building until she finally agreed, after the structure reached 3 stories tall. Muhlenberg County Public Libraries say Summers and Sarah McIntire were married in December 1871.

According to the district’s 1984 National Register nomination, the Summers building was the oldest structure in the Greenville Commercial Historic District. It was also the last remaining original structure at the corners of Main and Main Cross Streets.

The Rogers building next door to the Summers building at 103 East Main Cross Street was built in 1906, officials say. It served for many years as the Odd Fellows meeting hall.

“While we are thankful for no loss in life in the devastating fire that burned through downtown this morning, we will mourn the loss of these historic buildings as well as the modern businesses and organizations that were located within them,” Muhlenberg County Public Libraries say. Images of the buildings can be found below.