A group advocating separation of church and state questions a western Kentucky school district over prayers during sporting events.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to Ohio County School officials last week. It asked them to “stop scheduling prayers at events and allowing equipment to be used to project them in public.” An unnamed parent complained to the group after a prayer was broadcasted during a football game at the high school in late August. 

“It’s not about praying in public. Anyone has the right to pray in public, but government actors don’t have the right to endorse a religious message. That’s what the first amendment protects against. So, that’s the distinguishing factor here. We have the school kind of adopting this prayer by broadcasting it over the loud speaker at a football game,” said Colin McNamara of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

We reached out to school officials and lawyers for the school district for comment, but our calls weren’t returned.

Click here to read letter sent to school officials.

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(This story was originally published October 4, 2018)