Habitat for Humanity to Host ‘Habitea’ Event

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Habitat for Humanity is hosting a new event next month with a unique twist.

Eyewitness News’ Greg Parker tells us more in this week’s Habitat story.

Organizers for a new build for Habitat are setting aside blueprints for a cup of tea.

The organization is hosting its first-ever “Habitea” event next month with the proceeds going to a new Habitat home.

Vicki Brasel with Habitat’s Women Build says, “We’re going to have vendors that the ladies will be able to shop at. And then we’re going to have a silent auction with great items. And we’re going to have a speaker, and of course, we’re going to have tea and all the traditional food that goes with tea.”

“Habitea” is being hosted by the Habitat Women’s Build Committee, a group that inspires women in the community to partner with Habitat.

“Just the excitement of seeing people’s hearts, seeing that they have a giving heart, and they’re willing to give up  their time and resources… is just so neat,” says Vicki Brasel.

“Habitea” is looking to raise $80,000 for its new build – a goal Brasel says can be met when a community unites.

“If we all come together and take just a little bit of time and resources and talent, we could change lives for other people,” says Brasel.

“Habitea” takes place August 25 at 11 a.m.

It’s happening at the Evansville Country Club.

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