Bikers may look rough and tough on the outside, but that tough exterior might be hiding a big heart.

Sunday, the Hadi Shriners held the 12th annual Toy and Poker Run.

The event collects toys and raises money for the Shriners Children’s Hospital.

The poker run is a 112-mile course through Southern Indiana with three stops.

But to take part in the Poker Run, you had to donate a toy.

And some bikers thought that price was just too low.

Hadi Shrine Potentate Dale Thomas says, “People have sometimes this stigma about bikers. Bikers come from all socioeconomic groups. And we are the most giving bunch of people you’ll ever find in your life. I had a guy just hand me $30 worth of half pot tickets and say I have to leave but if this wins, make sure it goes to the hospital.”

Thomas says some bikers brought bags of toys to donate.

And he says 311 bikers took part in this year’s Poker Run — up from 287 bikers last year.