Hanson Welcomes New Walmart Supercenter


As one Walmart in western Kentucky closes, its replacement opens down the road.

The new Supercenter in Hanson welcomes its first customers.

With early morning cheers, Walmart shoppers and employees welcomed their new Supercenter.

“I like the way its laid out,” says Leonard Fletcher of Madisonville. “I like the view that you get. It’s a nice facility. The cleanliness of it. It’s pretty.”

“It’s close to home,” adds Joyce Ashby, who lives in northern Hopkins County. “It’s right off the parkway.”

Walmart officials say nearly 300 people work at the new store, the first one the company’s had to relocate in 14 years.

“People went to Madisonville to go to Walmart, now they are going to come to Hanson to go to Walmart,” says Fletcher. “Hanson is going to benefit.”

But for county economic officials, this store is more than just a place to buy cookies, or even a giant barrel of cheese balls, it’s also a place that can bring in more business.

“We, kind of, got in on the ground up, being the first real retailer here now, large retailer,” says Terry Wilson, manager at the Hanson Supercenter.

A new gas station, travel plaza, and Subway, among the businesses building nearby. Officials say Hanson always had high potential for growth, and could see more in the coming years.

“Hanson is going to see a radical change,” says Lee Lingo of the Hopkins Co. Chamber of Commerce. “You’re still going to have that wonderful small town feel that people of Hanson love, but you’re going to have more opportunities for people to eat out, shop, buy affordable gas.”

Lingo says he expects the Supercenter to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax money each year.

“I love to have it here,” says Ashby.

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