Helping Flint Water Crisis 500 Miles Away

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It makes up about 60 percent of the human body, covers nearly 70 percent of the earth’s surface, and is 100 percent the problem in Flint, Michigan.

A poisoned water supply is impacting thousands, but help from a Southern Illinois company – no stranger to stepping up amid disaster – is on the way.

On a quiet Monday near closing time, they’re hard at work saving the world’s water.

They helped clean up the BP oil spill in 2010, and work to remove trash from ocean’s around the world.

So it makes sense Elastec, a company specializing in clean water, would get behind an effort to save a town ravaged by tainted water.

“We take water for granted,” says Linda Henning with Elastec, “In fact, water is probably more expensive per gallon than oil is.”

For the next two weeks they’ll accept cases of bottled water to deliver to Flint.

And the cause may not mean more to anyone in the Tri-State than it does to Ruth McAllister, because she used to call Flint her home.

“It’s a pretty dire situation and I know I would hate to be in it,” she says, “I can’t imagine having to not take a shower safely, do dishes, wash laundry, cook, or get a drink of water.”

Flint lies about 70 miles from the largest collection of fresh water bodies in the world, and its residents can’t get clean water from the taps.

Henning says the effort is about showing the people of Flint they’re not alone. “We need to care about each other,” she says.

That’s why help is coming — from 500 miles away.

“Just trying to do something to help them out,” McAllister says, “I know a lot of people are donating water right now, but it’s not going to be a short term fix.”

Elastec is collecting cases of bottled water at the Carmi and Fairfield, Illinois plants until February 12. They also accept cash donations.

They hope to deliver in mid-February.

For more information, visit Elastec’s “Operation WET” website.

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