HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – The city of Henderson worked with Hunden Strategic Partners to conduct a feasibility study to see if a hotel would be good for the city. And after the study and much consideration, they say the city is ready.

They looked at three different options for the location, but ultimately decided the Soaper Building was the best possible location. The study says the hotel could hold up to 50 rooms even possibly a rooftop bar, as well as other features.

The other two locations considered were Big Rivers Electric on 3rd Street and Union Bank & Trust on Main Street. The Soaper Building was chosen due to its height and its prior use as a hotel after it was built in 1924. However, the report does note the low ceiling heights and lack of parking present a challenge for redesign.

“We see growth in our businesses here in Henderson County,” stated Abby Dixon, executive director for the Henderson Tourist Commission. “We see growth in the tourism industry. Growth in Henderson as a destination for visitors so it’s time that we take it to the next level and provide upscale accommodations downtown for guests to enjoy” she added.

The city plans to open a distillery in 2024 as well as an event center coming to downtown
and with that questions began to rise, which led to their latest move.

“At that point and time we started getting some people who were interested in maybe looking at doing a hotel in downtown Henderson,” explained Mayor Bradley Staton. “One of the first questions they asked us, where’s the feasibility study? What kind of documentation do you have to show me that this is going to be a successful venture for us?”

Mayor Staton says he is fully behind the project and believes it will be great for the city. The next step in the process is to hire an architect to figure out how much the renovation and revitalization is going to cost.

To read the full draft report, click here.