(WEHT) The old LST 325 dock, now being used by paddle boats, has a Henderson county official wondering which side of the state line it’s on, and what state should collect tax money related to it.

Henderson county magistrate Charles McCollum says the dock sits in Kentucky.

“It’s actually in Henderson county, according to the maps,” McCollum said.

McCollum claims the dock itself sits on the Kentucky side of the state line, and that any tax revenue related to it should go to the commonwealth. The state line is on the north shore of the Ohio river.

“Sometimes, the revenue cabinet does give exemptions for certain things, and he said that’s a possibility maybe for tourism or something like that they gave them an exemption of some kind.”

The issue happens as paddle boats that once docked in Henderson started docking here. McCollum thinks officials on the county and state level should take a closer look at where the dock is and who controls revenue from it.

Ron Riecken, the former owner of Inland Marina, tells Eyewitness News there are many docks that are on the Kentucky side of the river, but that most resources such as fire protection come from Indiana. He adds there are plans to put an excursion boat by the old lst dock in Kentucky waters, but that could move to Indiana side of the state line.

A spokesman with Inland Marina, which helps maintain the dock, who told us that the marina pays taxes in Kentucky and Indiana and that this all started after Henderson lost the riverboats docking there.

Meanwhile, Evansville city officials declined to comment on the matter.

(This story was originally published on September 13, 2022)