Henderson Co. Premiums Could Go Down

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Henderson County residents could see a drop in property insurance premiums in the next few months. Six volunteer fire departments in Henderson County recently received a better insurance services office rating, commonly known as ISO.

ISO rates fire departments on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the worst rating and 1 being the best. Niagara Fire Department responds to more than 2,300 residents and 45 square miles. Recently the station was awarded for all it’s hard work.

13 volunteer firefighters work at the Niagara Fire Department. They are helping fight the good fight for you, and it’s paid off.

“I was overwhelmed,” Niagara Fire Department Chief Glenn Powell said. “I was proud for our guys that had worked here and had done things for us to keep these records up.”

That excitement is due to the department receiving a better insurance services office rating.

“It helps us show that our community that we’re doing a good job and we’re using our money wisely,” Customer service insurance agent James Roll said.

Fire departments are reviewed to help those who live near the station receive lower property insurance premiums. But first, you have to pass the checklist.

“Hose testing, truck testing, ladder testing, hydrant testing, all these things give a rating to ISO and they come up with a point system,” Chief Powell said.

The Niagara Fire Department’s rating went from a nine to a six. This means if you live within a five mile radius of the station, your premium will go down.

“Mine is a 10% reduction,” Chief Powell said. “It won’t take effect until December 1st, but that roughly makes about to be about $240.”

“If you have a $200,000 house and you were paying around $2,500 a year for that premium for that home, you could probably see that premium drop down from $2,500 down to about $2,000 or less,” Roll said.

But there’s one thing for Henderson County residents to remember.

“The county recently cut the funding to the fire departments to $20,000 a year to $7,000,” Roll said. “That’s a huge cut and we really need the people in the county to step up and help the fire department out because they are working hard to help you reduce your premium.”

Officials say it is expensive to buy the equipment for fire departments to be able to help get these low ratings.

There are 10 volunteer fire departments in Henderson County. The cheaper premiums go into effect Sunday for some, but others in the county will have to wait until December 1st. Officials say to check with your insurance agent to see if you’re eligible for the decrease.

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