Henderson County Bus Driver Forced To Resign, Tells Her Side Of The Story


After being forced to resign last week after dropping two students off in the wrong neighborhood, this Henderson County bus driver tells her side of the story.

Wednesday August 10th was the first day of school for Henderson County Schools and the first day for Amy Lancaster to drive her new bus route.

“That afternoon these girls ended up on my bus I pulled into this mobile home park,” said Lancaster.

As she pulled into Carriage Mobile Home Park she dropped off two girls, eight and nine years old, Lancaster said she asked both girls twice if they lived in the mobile home park and both times they said yes.

“We do everything we can to insure that you know the safety of these kids especially on the first day of school when we’ve never seen these kids before they were asked twice if they lived on the street, they were told why I couldn’t go any further down the street, they told me bye, I told them to have a nice night and I’d see them in the morning and they exited the bus,” said Lancaster.

However the mother of the girls, Natasha Burnside says this isn’t where they live.

She says Lancaster knew that but told them she didn’t feel like driving them there, therefore they had to walk a half a mile, through a field and down Highway 41 south to their actual house.

Lancaster says each bus driver is given a route sheet but many times the names of kids are left off the list, especially at the beginning of the year, and the girls’ names weren’t on her route nor was their address.

“This happens all day long on the first day of school unfortunately the route sheets are not updated it’s an issue for every bus driver,” said Lancaster.

Lancaster says she was notified Thursday she wouldn’t be driving anymore and on Friday she says the school corporation forced her to resign or be terminated.

“I had a great time with the kids of this community I will miss you guys and I know you guys will miss me too I’d like my job back that’s what I’d like,” said Lancaster.

We reached out to the school corporation, they said they cannot discuss this issue as it is a personnel matter.

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