HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – The Supreme Court of Kentucky has indefinitely suspended an elected judge in Henderson County from practicing law after he allegedly violated an order of the court to respond to charges issued by the Inquiry Commission.

According to a court opinion, the Kentucky Bar Association asked the Supreme Court of Kentucky on February 20 to indefinitely suspend David Curlin from the practice of law because he failed to answer a charge issued by the Inquiry Commission in two separate disciplinary cases. Documents indicate the issuance of charges, in the first instance, was precipitated by Curlin’s failure to respond to two separate bar complaints related to legal services he performed prior to his election to judicial office.

Curlin was elected to the office of Family Court judge for the 51st Judicial District, Henderson County, in 2022. He has held the position since January.

Officials say Curlin failed to respond to bar complaints made against him, and the Supreme Court of Kentucky issued orders in March and April directing Curlin to show cause why he should not be suspended from the practice of law. In a written response, Curlin said he had not received motions for the March order to show cause due to the hasty closure of his law office and a change in his employment address.

Following Curlin’s written response, the Court denied the Kentucky Bar Association’s request to suspend him indefinitely, but ordered that Curlin file a formal answer to each of the charges against him and file a notice confirming his response to the charges by September 25. Officials say Curlin had not responded by September 29, and the Court issued an order to indefinitely suspend him from practicing law effective September 30.

As part of this order, Curlin is disqualified to serve as the Family Court judge for the 51st Judicial Circuit without affecting his pay status. Officials confirmed to Eyewitness News that retired judge Sheila Farris will temporarily hold the office of Special Judge of the Henderson Circuit Family Court Division 2, with authority to preside over all matters pending as needed through October 31.

The Court says disciplinary proceedings shall proceed against Curlin.