HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — Many things were permanently lost in last month’s historic tornado event that tore through the Commonwealth. Officials say Mayfield lost their entire fleet of buses by the time the tornado finished its course.

But now, Henderson County Schools are looking to help Mayfield as they continue to redevelop. During Tuesday’s school meeting, the district approved the motion to provide three buses to Mayfield Independent Schools for use.

“They are some of our older buses in our fleet, so instead of putting them out for public auction for someone to buy we thought it would be a really good gesture to help our neighbors in need down in Mayfield to see if there was anything we could do to reach out to help them get back to some normalcy and we also realized that’s very important for our students here in Henderson just as well as in Mayfield,” says Chad Thompson, Assistant Superintendent of HCS.

The agreement came as a unanimous decision, effectively leasing their vehicles out to the Mayfield school community. School officials say the lease reads much like Mayfield Independent Schools would own the buses, including responsibilities such as upkeep, insurance and maintenance.