HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Henderson has announced the creation of “The Sunset District”, which will allow alcoholic drinks to be openly carried within certain areas of downtown.

The district will only be active when the city issues a permit for each event that wishes to use it.

Officials say the district will begin at Elm Street between First and Third Streets and will stretch to Audubon Mill Park but does not include the remainder of the Henderson waterfront.

Officials also say branded plastic cups can be purchased at participating bars and restaurants and filled with an alcoholic drink “to go”. Patrons will need to obtain a Sunset District armband after showing they’re 21 or older. This will allow patrons of downtown Henderson bars and restaurants the freedom to walk around and discover what the downtown community has to offer with their beverage in hand.

Each person who visits The Sunset District is expected to adhere to the following rules:

  • Alcohol may be carried, possessed and consumed on downtown Henderson sidewalks, as indicated by signage and into city of Henderson alcohol licensed premises in The Sunset District during the day/times sanctioned by a permitted event.
  • Alcohol purchased in one alcoholic licensee establishment may not be taken into another alcohol licensee establishment.
  • Alcohol must be purchased from a permitted licensed alcohol vender within The Sunset District.
  • No alcohol may be brought into The Sunset District from outside sources.
  • Patrons walking with their beverage must use The Sunset District approved cups and must wear a Sunset District armband issued at the time of purchase of the alcohol.
  • Alcohol may not be taken outside The Sunset District for any reason.
  • The Sunset District patrons must walk on sidewalks and may only cross streets using designated crosswalks within The Sunset District.
  • All state and local laws are strictly enforced in The Sunset District, including public intoxication and disorderly conduct.
  • All alcohol vendors shall refuse to sell or provide a city approved cup with alcohol to any person or persons visibly intoxicated.
  • All alcohol vendors shall refuse to sell a or provide a city approved cup with alcohol to any person or persons who has not presented an ID proving they are at least 21 years of age and received a Sunset District armband.
  • All cups must be disposed of properly in waste or recycling containers. Littering is prohibited in The Sunset District and will be strictly enforced.

Officials also say The Sunset District is expected to attract locals and visitors of all ages. It will aid in the economic growth of tourism within the city and capitalize on the revitalization taking place in downtown Henderson.

“We’re excited to see the results of this first year within the Sunset District, both for the business community and for residents and visitors of the area,” said Clay Gillham, Downtown Events & Communications Coordinator with the Henderson Chamber of Commerce. “Our downtown has gained so much momentum with new businesses opening, beautification projects, events, etc. Giving people one more reason to hang around and enjoy our beautiful summer sunsets and lively evenings downtown could be a win for everyone.”

The first event to make use of The Sunset District will take place after the conclusion of Porchfest on Saturday, June 3 with hours being 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

For more information and to view a map of The Sunset District, visit hendersonky.org.