HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — Within the first thirteen days of the year, Henderson County witnessed 15 fentanyl overdoses and four deaths. To put that into perspective, there was a total of 17 deaths in all of 2022.

Tri-State group “7 Sisters” is working to prevent that number from climbing even higher. Members of 7 Sisters all have one thing in common — each has lost a sibling to opioid overdose.

Their mission is to educate the community on the crisis at hand. If they are able to save one life, they say their goal is accomplished.

Member Lindsey Locasto says anyone can fall into addiction and the Tri-State has great local clinics that can help.

“I know for some people it’s just uncomfortable, being vulnerable walking into those rooms and telling your story,” she says. “But what has been comforting to me is to know you are not alone in this and other people are dealing with these similar situations. Talking about it definitely helps, getting your story off your chest and being there for your family”

7 Sisters will hold a free seminar with guest speaker Chris Herren on Wednesday, January 25. Locasto tells us Herren was a college athlete and NBA player for the Celtics who lost his career from an addiction. The event will be held at Memorial High School at 7 p.m. and is free to the public.