HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – A Henderson restaurant is closed after someone posted video apparently showing insects crawling around the building, including over some food.

After the complaint, the Green River District Area Health Department inspected the Dairy Queen at 936 North Green Street and released its report.

A spokesperson with the Green River District Area Health Department said the health department recieved a complaint on May 16. Officials say an inspection found violations, so they gave Dairy Queen a “C” rating. Officals note the “C” rating doesn’t force a shutdown. Despite this, the health department says it advised the restaurant to close. Officials note that Dairy Queen voluntarily closed to “address the issues.”

The health department website states a “C” placard indicates that a food service facility has failed to meet minimum requirements of the Kentucky State Food Code. Officials say this will include a score with any critical violations. The website says the “C” placard will be placed for a minimum period of time determined by the inspector but not more than ten days. Officials note a follow-up inspection will be conducted and the applicable placard posted.

General comments the department made in its report were:

Complaint was verified, insects were found in locations associated with the intial complaint. Turned into a full inspection of the establishment. Establishment is voluntarily agreeing to close in order to clean and treat areas that need attention. Letter grade of C given with a follow up in 10 days. Prior to reopening an inspection needs to take place.

If the restaurant is ready for a follow up inspection before the 10 day follow up, it can contact the health department for an earlier inspection. Any request for a follow up inspection will lead to a conference if any critical violations are found not to have been corrected.

See DFS-222 for items voluntarily destroyed in regards to items found in make table not temping properly.

Green River District Area Health Department

We’ve reached out to Dairy Queen for comment and we’re waiting to hear back.

You can see the health inspection report below.