HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — After two years of work, “The Lady of the Park” has been unveiled at the Henderson County Public Library.

Library staff say the work is the largest interior art piece in Henderson.

Two artists from Louisville collected the 200 books needed to paint a picture telling the story of Henderson and Kentucky itself.

The work features a painted silhouette which is the fountain located in Central Park — just across the street from the library.

“I’ve never created something so big, and I have been bringing my kids to libraries for 25 years — it has a special place in my heart,” artist Kelly McCarthy said. “So, I’m honored — absolutely honored to have helped in this project.”

The artists say the work can be viewed in two different ways.

Patrons can see the fountain silhouette from far away, but different stories about Kentucky can be seen when looking at the work up close.

Staff at the library say preserving history is a part of its job, and the artwork is another way the library is living out its mission.

“It’s amazing. I’m thrilled with the community support,” library director Shannon Sandefur said. “I’m thrilled with the finished piece here. It’s just ecstatic. I’ve been staring at an empty wall for two years, so it’s just great to have it done.”

Some of the community’s support came from the Henderson Rotary Club.

“Our theme is service before self, and so that’s what we are always focused on in every project that we do,” Rotary Club member Susan Sauls said. “This was just another way for us to be part of service in Henderson. So, when they came to us, we said we would love to support this — yes.”

The artists say they hope all of Henderson will enjoy the work.

“You work on a project for this long — it’s the trials and tribulation to have it finally installed,” project manager Derrick Pedolzky said. “Whatever the high moments or low moments are during the creation of it, you know it all goes away when you get to see it on the wall, and you see people kind of enjoying it, and hopefully it will add to the culture here in Henderson.”