HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Longtime radio host and WSON news director Bill Stephens has announced his retirement from broadcast radio, wrapping up a career that spans more than four decades, most of which were spent in Henderson.

“Hard to believe it’s, this month, 38 years in Henderson,” says Stephens.

Stephens got his start in radio while attending Kentucky Wesleyan. He admits, his initial love was theater, but after being exposed to broadcast radio, his plans quickly changed and his on-air career began. After a brief pause to focus on academics, Stephens jumped back into radio at WBKR.

From producing to writing, editing and reporting, Stephens says he loves all aspects of broadcast radio, including the experiences ranging from a Kentucky Derby, to the 2009 ice storm that crippled much of the Tristate. He also loves that these experiences allowed him to keep his community informed.

“A lot of times you’re the first person to know something,” explains Stephens, “and you get to be the cool kid on the playground to tell everybody else.”

But along with that honor comes a reminder of integrity that Stephens wants to pass on to up and coming journalists.

“I have always said I would rather be second or third on a story and have it right than be first and have it all wrong,” says Stephens.

After 42 years, it is time to sign off for one final time. Stephens has plans to stay involved in the Henderson-community, but will also take time to be with his family.

“As a journalist, you often times have to leave them while the weather’s bad because you’ve got to tell everybody else how to stay safe and what’s going on,” says Stephens.