HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — Audubon State Park in Henderson found a fun way to track monarch butterflies as they begin to flutter down to Mexico. Each year, monarchs head south to stay warm during the fall and winter seasons.

Several families came to the park and the Sloughs Wildlife Management Area Saturday morning to learn about the great monarch migration, catch them and even put tags on their wings in order to track them.

“I’ve caught two and Amira has caught two as well — she caught the first one of the day so we were excited about that,” Malea Ramin tells us. “Amira, my daughter, loves butterflies and so when we heard that they were doing this program — we wanted to come out and see what it was about.”

Earlier this year, the monarch butterfly was placed on the endangered species list. A biologist from Michigan State University says the population of the iconic butterfly has diminished 85 to 95% in the eastern United States since the 90’s.